Angel Arms Exoskeleton
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SPACE: Prosthetics


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Angel Arms, L.L.C. emerged from a graduate level biomedical engineering design course at Grand Valley State University in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The graduate students, Joseph Kissing and Brooks Schaefer, originally collaborated with a single child, Lylah Gritter, and her mother, Holly Gritter, to develop a device to assist the motion of Lylah’s arms. Lylah has type I/II spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) and has difficulty moving her arms. The device is designed to counteract the weight of her arms and allow her to complete simple tasks. A few of the tasks she is now able to accomplish are eating, coloring and steer a play and mobility device. This device has the potential to help many others with muscular disabilities and improve quality of life.

The Device:

The device is designed to stay close to the patient’s arm and counteract its weight. The chosen method of manufacturing is additive manfacturing (3D Printing!). The original machine used was a Dimension 1200es with a layer thickness of 0.010” and a material of ABS plastic. This is the recommended criteria. Other machines with higher resolutions or stronger materials may be acceptable, such as Polyamide. This design was built for a child with upper arm length of 4.5 inches and diameter of 2 inches and testing proved sufficient for this size. The current design is limited to children with upper arm lengths of 3.5 inches to 7.5 inches and diameters 1 to 3 inches . This design has not been FDA approved and is simply meant to improve quality of life.

How to Get the Design:

The Angel Arms are currently being distributed as a free file. A user friendly interface has not yet been established but patients who wish to acquire the design may contact the designers. They will need several measurements to ensure the design properly fits the patient. The required measurements, instructions and list of materials necessary to assemble the Angel Arms will be provided after contact has been established. Once the user has obtained the files they must contact a fabricator to have the Angel Arms printed. There is an option to use i.materialise on the PatternSpace website or the creators can print the device through an agreement with the university. Please contact Angel Arms LLC to request your custom sized printable file free of charge:



There is currently no fee to obtain files to 3D print the Angel Arms but the students are accepting donations for files. Donations will go directly to the development of Angel Arms, L.L.C.







Owners: Brooks Schaefer and Joseph Kissling



This product is the result of a graduate level engineering course and has not been FDA approved. The students feel that the device could improve the quality of life for children with muscular disabilities and would like to distribute the design to those in need. The user takes full responsibility for the assembly and use of the Angel Arms. Angel Arms, L.L.C. is not liable for the fabrication, assembly or use of the Angel Arms exoskeleton product.


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